Present Tense

What “shape” are you in?

For some reason, I woke up the other morning, thinking about ‘shape-changers’.  WHAT?  I know, I thought the same thing, emerging from the fog of sleep, but I think it could be tied to some of the current movies, featuring teen-aged vampires and sorcerers, involving characters that can change from one being to another (mostly werewolves, it would seem, with VERY toned bodies).  It got me to thinking about all of  us mere mortals and how, as we go through our lives, we evolve into different beings.

Think back through your time on Mother Earth; you were an infant (probably not a very interesting one, at that), a toddler, then grade school, middle school (ugh!), high school, etc.  For me, when I look back at my ‘shape’ as a teenager, or more particularly, the horrible shape of most of my 20s, I literally don’t even recognize that person.  Who the hell was that, staying out all night in clubs, drinking and driving, blowing off work, smashing up cars and listening to the Thompson Twins????  There are kernels of me that I recognize; usually the awful, selfish ones, that still exist in my middle-aged ‘shape’, although to a lesser degree on most days.  But, there are also some passions and talents, that I let go of as another shape moved in.  I think that since I was such a mess during that time, I rejected everything about that particular ‘me’, which may have been a bit hasty.

So, what’s your shape, right now?  Are you happy with it?  Is there something you might want to draw on, from one of your other shapes, that could bring you joy or fulfillment or a better job or a better relationship?   Would you like to shape-change over the next few months or years, into something that fits you a little better at this stage of your life?  That’s exactly why I began this blog; in high school and college, I wrote; for myself, the school paper, for classes.  In fact, I started out as an English major and morphed into broadcasting and journalism, fully intending to be a TV comedy writer, but I shape-changed into a radio reporter and then into a talk radio host, where writing was replaced by talking (which I’m pretty good at, by the way…you can listen to Podcasts of my radio show here) and not so much actual writing anymore.

Life is static and there is nothing wrong with looking back to former hopes, talents, and goals, as you inhabit  your current shape and move toward the next one.  All of us have those bits and pieces that were us, in another shape, that we may have abandoned or stuffed away because they no longer fit with who we had become.  Dig around, unearth those seeds, those kernels of joy, talent, passion, mastery, or fun.  Leave the bad stuff, where you sloughed it off years ago.  You don’t need that in your current and future shape;  it’ll just make your butt look big and nobody needs that!

December 27, 2009 - Posted by | Musings


  1. You were a very interesting infant!!!! And a very entertaining toddler; and a fun kindergarten drop out! I remember those times well w/love and happiness!

    Comment by big sis | December 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. You would have hit it big as a writer for David Letterman’s show, I am sure! This “shape” thing made me think of Val Kilmer’s movie, Thunderheart, where he is of Native American heritage and shapeshifts.

    Comment by imasink | December 28, 2009 | Reply

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