Present Tense

Be nice to each other….

I’m sitting here trying to process the events of today.  This morning, a young man walked into a crowded and festive movie theater in the city of Aurora, Colorado and opened fire on the patrons who had gathered to enjoy the much-anticipated “Batman” movie.

I heard the news on my way to my morning radio show and my first thought was “Oh, God. Not again”.  A little over 13 years ago, two young men murdered and maimed their teachers and classmates at Columbine High School in another Denver suburb.

On September 11, 2001 we watched in horror as the attack on the Twin Towers unfolded during our morning radio show.

So, once again, my longtime radio partner and I felt a responsibility to deliver what people needed on a tragic morning like this.  Information, reason, facts, comfort, empathy, sympathy and pride in all of the strong, competent first responders who saved as many lives as possible.  What we did not want to convey on a very fragile morning was anger, opinion, judgement, hysteria and speculation.

Times like these bring out the best and the worst in people.  What will it bring out in you?  Will you rise up and offer love, comfort and support?  Or will you be one of those who uses this as an opportunity to further a political agenda, rant about what’s wrong  with America and show yourself as the small, ignorant person that we all can be?  It’s your choice.  Weigh your options.

Be nice to each other.  Life is short and fragile.

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