Present Tense

Who’s happy? Me

I’m told that the best blogs are short and to the point.  So, as I was sitting outside on a glorious northern Michigan day, I began to list the things that make me happy.

I don’t do that often.  I tend to ruminate on the things that make me unhappy or worried or nervous or anxious.  You know; stuff that will never happen.

So, when I mentally noted that hummingbirds make me blissfully happy, my list began.  Here is an incomplete list of the things that make me happy:


–Big, old trees

–Watching my dogs swim (this would actually be under the “things that delight me” category)

–A light breeze

–Anything written by Anne Lamott

–Sun on my face

–Early Saturday mornings

–Sitting around a fire

–Eating something that is freshly picked


–The first snowfall (actually almost any snowfall)

–Fleece…anything made of fleece

–My husband’s laugh

–Christmas lights.  Lots of them.

–A fresh coat of paint

–Seat warmers

–Completing a task

–A hug from someone that you’ve really, really missed

I feel better. Uplifted, renewed, refreshed, grateful, content.  Now, make yours.  It doesn’t have to be exhaustive or noble or a list of what you think should make you happy.  Be genuine.  Feel free to share in the comments.

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