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We’re depending on you

Head in HandsWhat the HELL is going on in the world? What is wrong with people? We could turn those phrases into a drinking game this week and we’d all be drunker than skunks if you took a shot every time those words were spoken.

It’s crazy right now, but the interesting thing is that even though we do have some common pains and worries, we don’t really have common solutions. Another mass shooting: one side calls for stricter gun laws, another for looser ones. Another instance of alleged police misconduct resulting in a civilian death: one side says police have a hard job and we should always respect that, while the other side says that the police are the enemy.

And the frustrating thing for me is that these issues seem to always divide along party lines. If you’re in one party, you must believe this, which will of course, be the exact opposite of those ‘idiots’ in the other party. Sound familiar? And then there are those who actually use their brains and their other emotions besides fear and anger, who reside in the Venn Diagram where our values and common sense and empathy intersect.

Unfortunately, the places where we get our news, particularly on TV, rarely enter that fairly large area of agreement. Not good for business. Much better to keep people afraid and angry and suspicious of ‘the other side’ because it’s great for ratings.

So, here we are. Stuck. Angry. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Afraid. Dug in. Barricaded in our belief system, with no intention of learning about how others came to their world view.

Now, that is scary. A bunch of humans, glaring at each other through their tiny peepholes in the giant door that protects them from people who disagree with them. What a way to live, eh?

You know how on the internet or Facebook or whatever, videos of cute baby animals and baby humans tend to spread like wildfire? That is because we all universally (okay I know there are some of you with very dark and scared souls who refuse to enjoy puppies and kittens…which is a shame) feel a swelling of good emotions while watching them. They are cute and innocent and funny and we just wanna squeeze ‘em. That is because we are connected. By universal love.  Massive, global warm and fuzzies.

There are also those stories and shares of brutality and pain and suffering that receive millions of views and hits. In these cases, we are all connected by that universal pain. We all feel it. We all suffer. We all are connected. Do you understand what this means?

It means that we have to begin to acknowledge our commonality, rather than our differences. We are connected. When one suffers, we all suffer. When one triumphs or feels joy and love, we all do. It spreads and covers us and lifts us up and knocks us down. We are all one on a soul level.

This is the basic teaching of every single major religion and spiritual path. Love your fellow beings, for they are you. But, it’s hard, isn’t it? Everyone is so flawed and complicated and imperfect and blah, blah, blah.

We are at a tipping point. I believe that this is a time to awaken to the clarity that is available to us. I would not presume to know how you will do that, as we are all on our own path to awakening…or not. But, if you feel like things are not working, begin to question your beliefs and the collective beliefs we’ve taken as hard truth.

That is step #1. Question everything. What you have carried around as a belief for years and years is probably not really based on anything but what you were taught by other flawed humans. Core beliefs can evolve, despite the conventional wisdom that says otherwise. We’ve seen a huge evolution in our lifetime on various issues.

What have we been taught as Americans? Growth, progress, technological supremacy, military superpower, USA is #1, work over family, we know best as a nation, might makes right, money and wealth is the ultimate goal, we have dominion over the earth, etc.

A lot of us are questioning those values because they don’t seem to be valid any longer. We are fat, sick, mired in massive debt, destroying our environment, working longer and harder for less, feeling as if we have to aspire to great wealth, but not having the means or training or education or connections to achieve it.

So, re-think. Re-tool your belief system. Maybe fulfillment comes from a more nurturing place. Maybe you’ll begin to feel those connections to all things on earth, including other humans that you don’t quite understand. Love yourself, find yourself, connect with your soul.

Find a way. We’re all depending on you.

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  1. An excellent pattern of thought Jane! I have made so many changes in my life in the last several years to live the life that resides in my soul. All of those simple things that bring such joy to my life surround me each day and I am learning how to focus on them rather than all of the sensational crap that goes on in the world. I keep the TV turned off most of the time and don’t listen to the radio anymore. I have found life to be grand enough without all of the outside interference. I smile at everyone I meet and have a deep understanding that they are a fellow human being with their owns set of belief systems. I don’t believe the same things I believed 10 years ago and my hopes are that most of humanity wakes up to realize this same thing. I have always know this though. As a young man I have had so many opportunities to get a tattoo, but what kept me from doing it is the fact that I may not always feel the same about this permanent ink stain on my skin. Life can really be a joyous adventure when we all realize that change is inevitable and we too are always changing. Billy

    Comment by SimpleLivingOver50 | July 25, 2015 | Reply

    • Billy
      Thanks for the note. As for the tattoo…the beauty of a tattoo is that it is a snapshot of a moment in time. It’s etched into your skin and at that moment, it means something to you and even though you may evolve with time, as will the tat, it was, in that moment, a statement that you felt compelled to make. And that’s enough for me.

      Comment by janelondon | July 25, 2015 | Reply

  2. Reblogged this on Simple Living Over 50 and commented:
    Jane, these are the words that America needs to hear.

    Comment by SimpleLivingOver50 | July 25, 2015 | Reply

  3. JANE FOR PRESIDENT. Like our friend Billy and yourself, I feel I have come a long way on what I believe to be true. Some of it just slapped me in the face working with at risk youth and families, especially in the area that I do, sexually abusive behavior. Yet, it is much bigger than that. I am all in with your ideas and the goals that we would all like to see for humanity as a whole. I also know from experience that we will need to unite at some point. I know many of us are out there. I imagine a large group of many shades of color, all wanting things to be better. I have learned that unlocking someone’s mind can be a very daunting task indeed. Narrow minded people can wear you down and get you to give up and move on. We will need to remain strong and organize on some level. People want to name things, and say “This is what I believe in. We can place it smack dab in the middle of the two parties. “Who’s with us? Let’s dooooo it”. Thanks once again Jane.

    Comment by Tim Lankerd | July 25, 2015 | Reply

    • Tim
      We get wiser with age, don’t we? Wish we were this in tune when we where younger…maybe we could have done more, eh?
      Be well, my friend!

      Comment by janelondon | July 25, 2015 | Reply

  4. We recently took a trip to Costa Rica where we were touring, interacting with the locals, and enjoying nature and the whole Costa Rican ideology that we can protect and enjoy the land. Upon landing in DFW, we were met with televisions all over the airport tuned to CNN, still beating the drum of war that we had previously just subtly accepted in the background of our lives. It was jarring and unnerving at the same time, and it made me question what we have been living with all of this time. I agree wholeheartedly with your post. Let’s start a grass roots movement toward humanity that will silence the angry talking heads. It’s time to oil the squeaky wheel.

    Comment by c2avilez | July 25, 2015 | Reply

    • Oh, you have no idea how much I agree with you about that ‘background war’, that nobody seems to care about. I’m all for a grass roots movement and more and more people are waking up to the need to become informed, active and loud. Take care and thanks for the re-blog.

      Comment by janelondon | July 25, 2015 | Reply

  5. Reblogged this on Views from Around the Corner and commented:
    Read. Please.

    Comment by c2avilez | July 25, 2015 | Reply

  6. Thanks again Jane… you are speaking words our souls long to sing out loud. Maybe it is that we are getting older, or maybe it is that we are just sick (and tired) of the battle being waged as it has been for so long – and this feeling that we are getting nowhere. It really is way past time for a new approach.

    Comment by Dawn Werner Brandenburg | August 10, 2015 | Reply

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