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2017: The Year of Complete Exhaustion

Let’s face it: 2017 has been a completely exhausting year. We’re all worn out, mostly from the weird energies and ‘new normals’ that have we’ve been faced with this year.

I would love nothing more than to go into the whole astrological significance and transits and energies and how this is affecting our lives, but I know better. Many of you find that silly and confusing…so onward. (But, it’s fascinating and amazingly accurate, so maybe I’ll write about it later for those who are interested)

I guess the main theme and watchword for the past 12 months or so was ‘disruption’. As I watched the news or read about current events, my own mantra was “Nothing Makes Sense”.

As the year went on, this became something I repeated over and over to whoever would listen (usually my poor husband who is the main receiver of my insights and wisdom:) After a while, I started saying it with an exasperated chuckle.  Eventually, things got so crazy, you HAD to laugh.

We kept trying to fit this square peg of a year into the nice, round hole of comfort, security and ‘the way things have always been’. Try to do that physically and you’ll soon be banging that peg with a sledge hammer, creating an even bigger mess and problem.

This was the year that all of the buried shit in our culture began to rise up, like a plugged up toilet. The normal and expected result after we poop or pee is that we push the handle and it flushes it all away; out of sight, out of mind.

2017 was the year that we pushed the handle like we always do and suddenly the toilet tank begins to fill up.  No flushing! Holy shit! And I mean that literally.  Here it comes…overflowing…overwhelming…what do we do?

This was the year that we had to begin to see that our collective toilet is plugged. That we’ve pushed things down, underground, out of sight, out of mind for literally centuries.

Racism, sexism, misogyny, abuse, male domination, bigotry, religious zealotry, white supremacy/nationalism, violence, corruption, corruption, corruption, homophobia, ignorance, inequality of kinds; shall I go on?

You get the picture. All of these horrors have existed, but we buried them nicely, so that many of us who are not directly affected (and as we’ve seen over the past year, with #MeToo, etc. that nearly ALL of us HAVE been affected, we just felt powerless to speak) have been able to just whistle past the graveyard.

So, as we all stand here at the end of 2017, with the sewage puddling around our feet, now what? Do we get a shop vac and suck it all up? Do we get out our mops and sanitizer and make the bathroom sparkle again?

OR do we unplug the goddamned toilet?

Let’s stop shoving things into it, hoping to flush it all away. Let’s begin to allow unpleasant things to be seen, rather than buried or flushed.

This is the legacy of the past year AND of the Trump presidency. It was to disrupt and to force us to see who we are. He is our mirror. Ugh, right?:) But, that’s the hard part, isn’t it. Seeing our warts and prejudices and ignorance. Tough stuff.

Do I think he had this all planned out? Oh, for God’s sake, NO! But I see so clearly that this had to happen. We had to be shaken up. Do I like it? Not really, but I have gotten to the point where I understand it and see that it’s a necessary evil.

We can’t keep flushing away our problems…the septic tank is FULL.

So, relax this weekend. Reflect and try to see past all of our fears and discomfort and disruption of the past year. I know it’s been exhausting, but growth and insight and resolve take a lot of energy.

2017…you kicked our butts, but I think you lit a fire and for that we will look back in gratitude.

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  1. Well said!
    Happy New Year Jane.

    Comment by Pam | December 31, 2017 | Reply

  2. Love your posts and insights, Jane. Let’s hope that 2018 is the year of the rotorooter for some of it. Agree it is good that we are mor aware and perhaps now women and other minorities will benefit, but would be very glad if some of the ‘poop’ happenings/people would get flushed. 😉

    Comment by Suzy In CO | December 31, 2017 | Reply

  3. Excellent article and advice. I just wish our political leaders, starting with the President, can see the situation just like you described. Unfortunately I believe they see the situation like it is us who have the problem of shoving the shit underground and they don’t have any problem. All the opposite, they feel they have the solution and knowledge so they blame others. So in order to fix this shoving the shit underground problem, we need leaders to act like you are advising us to act.

    Thank you for your wisdom. Let’s hope we all can unite and work with each other as one nation. Happy New Year to you.

    Comment by elizabethsuarez | December 31, 2017 | Reply

    • Elizabeth:
      But, the problem is with us:). That’s the point of the piece. Politicians are elected by us, and so they are a reflection of us and part of the flushing process, is to stop expecting them to fix us. When we blame politicians, we’re doing the exact same thing that you accuse the politicians of…It’s not a about blame or finger pointing. Rather, it’s about all of us collectively seeing with great clarity, that we have a lot of problems that we have chosen to ignore.
      Thanks so much for the comment. I truly love these discussions.

      Comment by janelondon | December 31, 2017 | Reply

      • I’m in full agreement with you Jane, that we are to blame for choosing our politicians, how we life, etc. And I take full responsibility for that. Unfortunately, not everybody would take responsibility.

        I remember when you were on MIX100 and would state that we lived in a world where everybody received a trophy, no matter the outcome. Well it is that approach, that has gotten us here. Think about it. We are perfect, our kids are perfect, what I do is the right thing, who I pray to is the right thing to do, who I vote for is the right person to vote for…and the list can go on and on. We stop short on the accountability aspect of our lives, since we are perfect and we are always right and the rest of the people are wrong.

        It is this scenario what I was trying to explain with my politician comment. We can never accept fault and state, yes I’m responsible and now I need to figure out how to fix it. We live in a society where we want immediate gratification and don’t want to put in in the work.

        Thank you for allowing us to have this conversation. I appreciate the opportunity you have provided.

        Have a great 2018!. I miss you listening to you on the radio.

        Comment by elizabethsuarez | December 31, 2017

  4. A great and accurate recap of the year! I am with you – I would like to find out the astrological significance of all of this – it is interesting.

    Comment by Patricia A Nindorf | December 31, 2017 | Reply

    • Patricia:
      If you are on Facebook, I wrote something on 12/16/17 that pretty much encapsulates the astrological aspect…here is the URL:


      Comment by janelondon | December 31, 2017 | Reply

    • Love all the info on this – it is what I need to get myself moving, getting organized and enjoying life. Love your insights and they are missed on my morning commute.

      Comment by Patricia A Nindorf | January 7, 2018 | Reply

  5. Thanks Jane, you have such great insight, and what you say, and especially this article makes sense to Brian and me. I wish you and your family the best in 2018, and you were such a part of my Denver morning commute for many years. Brian and Alan in Palm Springs, California.

    Comment by Alan R Ochsenbein | January 1, 2018 | Reply

  6. So eloquently stated. Time to utilize this tragedy into a source of strength. We can not loose hope.

    Comment by lmstevens0724 | January 1, 2018 | Reply

  7. I’m feeling very fortunate to have your blog as a reference, Jane. I love the thought that positive things will, no doubt, come to us as we work on “getting our shit together.” Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Glenda | January 1, 2018 | Reply

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