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Early morning musings as I listen to cello music shuffling on my Echo, thanks to Alexa fulfilling my wish. She is like a genie in a bottle.

I got a new tattoo yesterday; what I think is a very beautiful, stylized, abstract depiction of the most beautiful of the planets, Saturn.

In mythology/astrology, the god Saturn is all about hard work, discipline, timeliness, rules, strong foundations, boundaries and as I’ve written before, he strongly forces us to “get our shit together”. He reminds us that time is short; we aren’t here forever on this earth.

He has saved my life over and over again, as I tend to reject many of the above structures now and again, often to my detriment. (But then again, often, to my delight and expansion!)

What better way to express my gratitude and honor his influence than to commit him to my skin. Now, it’s not a perfectly accurate depiction and I’m hoping with him being a stickler for the rules and all, he will allow me some wiggle room on this.

I thought about this tat for a long time and researched designs and artists. I sat with it for about a year. I had even made an appointment with another artist in the spring and cancelled at the last minute. But, I knew I would get it.

Well, the time seemed right as Saturn entered the sign of Capricorn in my 12th house (I know mumbo jumbo to most of you…let’s just say it’s significant as I move forward into my second adulthood….for further insight, just ask. I’ll talk astrology forever…).

MANY of you have expressed to me something along the lines of “I want a tattoo, but I don’t know what I want. It has to be the perfect design. I want a tattoo, but I’m afraid it will hurt or I want a tattoo, but I want it to have something to do with my kids”.

Here’s the deal. Stop talking about it. Stop making excuses and if you REALLY want one, get one. It’s very simple. At the risk of being sued by Nike, JUST DO IT!

A tattoo is very personal. What speaks to you? What represents you? What motivates you or activates your core values and beliefs? Or what are your hobbies? Your passions? What symbolizes the path you want to follow or motivates you to be a better person, if that’s your goal?

And it doesn’t HAVE to be perfect. Nothing is perfect and if you have several themes you want to express, get several tats.

And yes, it does hurt. Some places more than others. But what DOESN’T hurt in life? The phrase “No Pain, No Gain” isn’t just a bumper sticker. It’s a sage reminder that in order to get what we want or to express ourselves or fully live OUR authentic lives, there is sacrifice involved. Period.

So, now you see that I’m not really just talking about tattoos, right?:) And that in fact, I’m channeling my personal spirit animal, Saturn.

If you want something, you HAVE TO ACT! We all sit around and think and wonder and make excuses. Or wait for someone to hand deliver our dreams and desires. Lay the groundwork and get it done.

Saturn is cracking the whip and will be for the next 2.5 years in Capricorn. He is always working on us, but in this sign, it’s particularly intense.

So, waffling and excuses and ‘somedays’ just won’t cut it. You may already be feeling this and what I would encourage is that you follow it. Act on your urges to set some boundaries, build some structure and discipline, to even the smallest duties.

That is the flow that we’re in. Resistance to Saturn is futile. He always wins:) It’s taken me the better part of 50 years to get that message and now, he’s right there on my left forearm, reminding me: “Jane…time is short; get your shit together”.

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  1. Astrology is garbage. Astronomy has merit. What’s with tattoos anyway? Who cares!

    Comment by edspolitics | January 7, 2018 | Reply

    • So nice to hear from you Ed. I had hoped that you had unsubscribed since you are so annoyed by my opinions and lifestyle choices:)

      Oh well…maybe we can strike a deal: you write about what you choose and I will write about what I choose. And you should stop reading things that you don’t care about!

      I should remind you that many of the ancient astronomers were also astrologers. They were able to see the synchrony. Astrology doesn’t lessen the merit of astronomy one bit!

      I would suggest the book by Richard Tarnas “Cosmos and Psyche”. I actually think that someone with your curiosity and intellect would LOVE It!
      I know I did.
      Stay warm…

      Comment by janelondon | January 7, 2018 | Reply

      • Great response Jane. I’m always puzzled how people choose to read stuff they really don’t care about and then comment on it as if the author is a moron. I’m borrowing part of your advice and customize it: you don’t like it, don’t complain, just go somewhere else and engage in something you like.

        Like always, great article. Thanks for sharing.

        Comment by elizabethsuarez | January 7, 2018

  2. Help! I made a mistake! I accidentally “unscripted” from this. Please put me back on your list.

    Comment by Danny Daniel | January 7, 2018 | Reply

    • Danny
      I can’t…you would have to do that via the subscribe page…

      Comment by janelondon | January 7, 2018 | Reply

  3. Great article – thank you!

    Comment by Lori DeLeo Hitchcock | January 8, 2018 | Reply

  4. Love the tat and the meaning behind it! I also began the year with a new tattoo on my left forearm. I have been thinking about it for a few years and finally settled on a design. I have a harebell representing my favorite flower and an iris representing my son’s. They converge into a single stem which says “kindness”. It’s a constant reminder for me to relax and be kind, especially to myself. Happy New Year

    Comment by Renee | January 10, 2018 | Reply

  5. I just got my first tattoo, at age 50. My mom is going to be mad at me. Isn’t that crazy? I’m a grown up. I have 3 adult children and a 12 year old. I’ve been married for 28 years, and I’m worried that my mom will be mad. Anyway, it’s on my wrist. My daughter’s and I all got matching tattoos. I really like it. I’ve wanted a tattoo for over 20 years…

    There have been other areas in my life that I have just buckled in and done things, but it’s a process! Some first steps are just TOO big and scary. I’ve decided it’s an aging thing… it took me 50 years to make myself more of a priority. Again, it’s a process. Perhaps I should delve into astrology and discover when the stars are aligned in my favor to make some big steps… it’s a fascinating science.

    I enjoy your blog, and miss your radio voice.

    Comment by Molly Green | January 12, 2018 | Reply

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