Present Tense

On ‘privilege’…

The concept of privilege is really beginning to sink in with me. I finally get it.

I do not reject ‘Political Correctness’.  It began as an attempt to bestow dignity on EVERYONE and has devolved into an insult; a way to belittle others for being ‘too soft’.

The insulting or offensive language that has been thrown around in reference to minorities and various groups and races and nationalities throughout our history were/are meant to dehumanize.

Using insulting names and labels for gays, Hispanics, African Americans, Jews, women, Muslims, etc. should not be tolerated. Period. Is there any doubt about that?

Proudly proclaiming “Yeah…I’m not politically correct!” means that you reject treating everyone with dignity. That you don’t care if you offend or incite.

Are there times when the PC Police get a little out of hand? Yes, absolutely. People can use language or say things that are ignorant or questionable, but may not contain ill intent.

It can be hard to draw the line between ignorant/offensive/hateful language.

But, there are groups of people in this country, who literally do not feel safe and/or feel under attack and suspicion thanks to the past and current climate in our nation.

To not listen to their fears and experiences is no longer acceptable. What they are experiencing is real and has been for literally generations.

For example, as women, we are finally speaking about our experiences of abuse and harassment and worse.  We MUST bring all of these realities into our consciousness, in order to begin to change and evolve.

This is real. The abuse, harassment and violence toward minorities and groups is real.

Now, we know. Now we see it. Now, we can begin to evolve and help and check ourselves to begin to err toward dignity and love.  If you are a religious person, this is what your scripture teaches, regardless of the religion.  How do so many seem to ignore that?

We need to demand it from our leaders. This is why we are alive in this time of chaos and change. This is our destiny. Will we rise?

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