Present Tense

Springing forward….


We’re beginning to see the subtle signs of spring in the great white north.  A few more glimpses of the sun, the drip, drip, drip of ice and snow melting off the eaves, increasing bird sounds and deer venturing out of their hiding places.

And so it goes.  Time always comes to the rescue, to use a well-worn phrase, like clockwork.  We never trust it during our dark times; we lose faith that change will come and now here it is.

Even a record-setting, brutal winter will pass.  Not without consequences to humans, structures and nature, but eventually the renewal begins and we can step out of our closed up dwellings, peel off the down jackets, lose the scarves and mittens and assess the physical and psychic damage of such a challenging season.

This is one of the reasons I’ve made the choice to live in places with four, distinct seasons.  To me, these seasons teach us resilience, flexibility and acceptance.  They come and go with regularity, but we never quite trust it to happen.  And then it does.  Another lesson.

It mirrors phases of our lives.  Like the seasons, good times roll through, as do bad times and transitional times; life is never static, it is fluid.  Like nature.

We humans think that we can control so much; that all will bend to our strong will.  We know deep down that we cannot and that makes us angry and scared, which seems to be a national pastime here in the U.S. of A.

So, as the signs of spring grow and as we ‘spring forward’ this weekend, know that we all morph and evolve and change and transform and grow and die and molt and blossom and renew and shine and fade and shrivel and then begin again.

A little confession:  I wrote this more as a reminder for me, than for you.  But, if it speaks to you,  I am happy.

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